Street Food at Bondel Road@ Kolkata

Kolkata is the haven for Street Food. This is the cheapest place, and, fresh and healthy. You bet!  At our locality – Bondel Road, southern end of Kolkata, we have street food galore.

Start your morning with a glass of ‘sattu serbat’ – ground gram, stirred in water, a few drops of lime added, and finally sprinkled with salt and spices.   Rs. 10/- for about a litter. It is said to be good for a healthy stomach and helps improve your digestion capacity.


You may have your break-fast at Ajit’s mobile stall. For Rs. 16/- you get 4 pieces of freshly fried Pooris, and, you have a choice of two curries to go with it: 

large helpings of potato sabjis or thick dal fry. It is homely in the true sense of the term – while Ajit’s wife makes raw poories with the rolling pin, Ajit fries them quite fast, so that you always get them piping hot.

DSCF0092You have another choice of breakfast.  Hari’s fresh Samosa and a cup of hot tea in a earthen pot. You get 3 samosas and a pot of tea for  Rs. 15/-. You may also opt for Kachori – a hard-fried.version of Poori, more crispy for the same price, tea included.

For lunch, you may opt for Bapi’s Food Stall, literary on the street, sitting on a wooden bench!  You have a good choice of menu : a vegetable meal will have rice, fried potato, vegetable curry, dal, cucumber salad and a piece of papad costing Rs.20/-. A fish meal will have all these with a fish curry for Rs. 40/- and with chicken curry the meal will cost you Rs. 50/-.

If on some evenings you wish to eat some heavy snacks, go for the snacks stall near the railway gate. Here you may have Vegetable chowmin for Rs. 25/- enough for 2 persons. With egg added, it will cost you Rs. 30/-.

At Binode’s snacks joint, you can also have an egg-roll for Rs. 20/-, it is quite filling.

After this if  you wish to have a little fruits, you may buy bananas.  4 ripe ones for Rs. 10/-.  He will also have many other fruits of your choice, you may take an economy pack for Rs. 10/- if you chose judiciously.

For Dinner, you may again come to Bapi’s Food Stall. You have take-home pack (literary packed in foil packs) of Tarka Fry and 10 atta-rotis for Rs. 40/- quite sufficient for 2 to 3 persons.

Bon Appétit!

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