Easter is a family fare in our home. Every year the morning starts well before the sun-rise. Normally a candle is lit, then we sing a traditional Bengali church song “aaj moha paritran ….” ( today is the day of great salvation … rejoice …. the Lord is risen) – a 100 year old song … a bit longish and each line of the song is repeatedly sung for two or at times three times ! By the time the song is over it is already a sun-shine morning. Earlier it was a group ritual with our son and daughter joining us. In the later years the grand-children joined us. This year the grand children were at thier own house, with their parents.


Next to our home is the church compound and by 7 in the morning we were at the church and slowly others in the congregation gathered. It is a very small church with about 30 seats. Children were in colourful dresses and the women were in new sarees. The church service was for about an hour, thereafter the members joined at a small gathering outside for tea and snacks.

Around 8.30 we were at home for our traditional breakfast – boiled egg, bread-butter, potato chips and tea. (it is not common for a bengali family to have bread-butter-egg for breakfast, and hence for us it is an annual fare to have a breakfast menu like this ! ). My sister, her son and grand child joined in. My son, daughter, son-in-law and their children too joined.

We had a grand lunch with dal cooked with fish-head, fried fish, cabbage curry, chicken curry and ice-cream. ( For one week before Easter we do not take any meat, fish or egg, hence the Easter Luch becomes all the more enjoyable for obvious reason !)

Happy Easter !

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