THE BEAUTY & THE …………………….


In those days our para (locality) was well-known for the existence of a Building ! If we had  to buy a fancy thing or two, our only option was to go to Gariahat market.

I was barely in nursery then  and walking back all the way home, about a mile away then, was indeed impossible. So, we used to search for a hand-pulled rickshaw and my parents would call out loudly “ hey.. will you take us to ‘katla-pamaar’ ” ! Now this so called ‘katla pamaar’ was actually a  land-mark building, having a beautiful gothic Picture 098structure in our locality. Built around World War I, for all I knew, name of  the company  was ‘Cutler & Palmers’. Like the English conveniently converted Mukhopadhyays to Mukerjis, we Bengalis in turn re-christened ‘Cutler & Palmers’ to ‘katla pamaar’ to suit our tongue !

At some point of history Shaw Wallace took…

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