Children’s Funday @ a little town

“A sit-n-draw contest for children” – a friend announced and I readily agreed to witness this. It was held at Ghatsila, a small town near Tatanagar in Jharkhand State. There are regular trains from Calcutta and it takes about three hours to reach there. I and this friend reached Ghatsila around evening the previous night.

sit drw gts1The next day early morning we set out for the venue, a small school. We took a cycle-rickshaw to reach there. It was a sunday, a holiday for the school, hence the class rooms were empty. A large class room was the venue, and, when we reached, there were already sit drw gts2many children registering their names for the contest. Altogether there were about 50 kids, they were all visibly excited and overjoyed to participate in this event – after all it is not everyday that they have a chance to attend an event like this.

sit drw gts3

Soon a drawing sheet was handed over to every kid and they were all engrossed in their artistic journey ! One and half hour was allotted to them and some of the kids finished their task quite early. Once every one finished drawing each was given a snacks packet ! While they finishedsit drw gts4 taking their snacks, their art work were all on display. I and my other colleague were entrusted with the crucial duty as the Judges to mark the ranking of the best entries ! At the end each kid was handed over a prize lest the ones who could not rank can get upset ! They were all happy and the event ended with a lound ‘hip-hip-hoorrah’ !

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