Visiting Baripada@Odisha

Baripada is a small town in Odisha. A nice tourist destination, if you are a forest and hill lover. As the


Baripada Bus Stand

record says “Baripada railway station was one of the earliest railway stations in Odisha. The then ruler of Mayurbhanj, Maharaja Krushna Chandra Bhanjdeo, connected Baripada by a narrow-gauge rail network to the Howrah-Chennai railway corridor. The first ever airport during the British Raj in Odisha also stands onto this date at sites of Rajabasa (16 km from city) and Rasgovindpur (60 km from the city) with their 2 km-long runways which were constructed during World War II.”



Gateway to the forest

Baripada is famous for the Similipal National Park, which is a vast evergreen forest having varied flora and fauna, served with a network of perennial streams. This is an ideal habitat for tropical birds and animals like elephant, tiger, leopard, sambar, and deer. The landscape comprises Sal forests, expansive grassy lands, soaring peaks and waterfalls.”


Trekking the forest roads

We were a small team visiting Baripada. We took a car drive from a small town called Betnoti. This town is about 40 k.m. from the Balasore Railway Station on Kolkata-Chennai railway route. It was indeed a good tour, especially the children in the group enjoyed every bit of it.


Inside deep forest – a govt. forest guest house



Happy moments !

_SCF9616   museum1

Baripada has a very good Museum. There are many historical exhibits excavated around the district.


Baripada Temple


Road-side eatery serves hot lunch, in the open air.






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