Rabindra Jayanti@Bondel Road

Come mid-May and many localities in Kolkata will organise cultural events celebrating great Poet Rabindra Nath Tagore’s Birth Anniversary. In most cases these are all open air, open to all events, and, the entry is free. The sole idea is to celebrate, and the audience will be fully involved in the event.rabindra 3

Last Sunday when such an event was organised at our locality, I was very happy and nostalgic about the whole thing. There was a small stage built on the available open space facing our road. Our’s is a blind-lane, hence chairs were placed on the road, so that whenever there is a passing car, the audience have to adjust the seat ! I was delighted to see rabindra 1that a traditional Harmonium and a pair of Tabla (local traditional drum) placed on the stage – very typical of a Rabindra ceremony since our child-hood days. (These days most such stage shows will have electronic musical gadgets !)

rabindra 2The function started around 7 in the evening, slowly the elders, house-wives and few young men gathered and occupied seats. There were, as usual, recitation of poems, role-plays and of course a variety of songs. Tagore was a great talent who composed a good number of melodious numbers which even today are quite lovable and hummable. The event went on over two hours and the function arena was literary crowded with audience of all shades. Cars voluntarily waited on both end of the road till the end of the show, lest they disturb the dedicated audience. It was indeed a very nice evening, ended with a cup of tea and samosa served to every audience by the organisers!

Photo Courtesy: Subhadip Mukherjee

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