AL-PADHAO (LET US EDUCATE) is a Santhali short video story (with English sub-title). All the actors here are the first timers, facing a camera. This is a result of a street theatre training organised by a voluntary organisation – Swadhina, held a few years ago.

Story/Direction/Video Edit: Diptendu Mukerji


The Old Writer


This was the third round Deep was making  around the old church, but could not locate the shop ! He clearly remembered it as a shop with large glass window and the sign board was visible “ Biswas Typewriter”.


typriter 1Deep was in his final year university level  and seldom came down to this side. His college was in the northern end of the city, and this area was in central part of the city. The other day he came down to this side to the Employment Exchange to register his name, and, after completing the task he was going down to the bus stand for his return journey, through by-lanes behind that old church, that he located this shop, selling old used type-writers ! This was one thing very dear to his heart, he was looking for a typewriter, but  they are expensive ! In this shop he noticed the bill-board clearly displayed  “Good quality used type-writers are on sale” ! Deep thought one of the coming days he would come with some money and look for one to buy, if it is within the reach…. if not too expensive !


Today was the D-day, and Deep lost the way to the shop, and all that he remembered was the land-mark – the old church ! He never asked for anybody for help with direction to a place. He never quite enjoyed asking for direction to places, for, he loved to explore things all by himself, and, he always reaped rich dividends  this way. And lo behold ….. he finally succeeded in locating the shop ! He was intently inspecting the big size desk-typewriters on display through the glass window. He now realized that he had someone watching him. A middle aged man wearing dhoti and shirt and with a  very soft voice he almost whispered “come on in young man, there are more in here”. Now Deep was comfortably looking around the shelves with many type-writers. Deep came down straight to the point. “Can I have something going quite cheap” shot Deep to the gentleman who probably was the owner of the shop.

“Oh, sure you can, how much is your budget “ ? Deep once again came out with a straight forward answer “ Listen, I have 250 rupees, do you have something really good for this kind of amount “ ?

The gentleman thought for a while and said “come, have a look at this one. This is one of the best make in world, the only flaw is that it has the roller- handle located on the right-hand side …. A very unusual one, and hence not many takers. If you think you can manage this “left-hand drive”, the machine is yours, and let me assure you with this kind of price it is a steal !! Deep was amused at the “left-hand drive” joke and readily agreed to take it.

Deep was now a proud owner of a full-fledged type-writer.  He picked up it on his shoulder started walking towards the tram stoppage. It was a bit heavy but the excitement of owning his first asset was on the higher side of joy !


The other day grand- son Rijul came down in the evening  and informed that he discovered an “Iron Key-board”, in the store house ! Next day he carried it to me. At last my dear Writer came back to it rightful owner, after many decades of neglect !